Spice Flow
Spice Flow
  • About Us

    Who We Are!

    Spice Flow is a group of friends made up of long time service industry professionals. We LOVE our craft, but wanted to do it our way. We call it the Spice Flow way. 

    Why We're Here!

    We came together to create a company that believes that work can and must be FUN. After all, it's what we LOVE to do. With that at our core, we came up with some amazing twists on classic favorites. We even thought up some crazy delicious sides to make you say "Wait, why wasn't that a thing before now?" 

    Why We're Different!

    Our take is that everyone's hard work is equal. So we are proud to say that we're a family not separated by industry job standards. That means if you leave us a tip every team member gets an equal share. So now you can not only give your compliments to the chef, but  you can make it rain on them too!!!